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Weinkultur Preiss




Natural farming

Viktoria Preiss is the fifth generation of the Preiss family to make the wines at their winery in the Traisental area of Austria. She took over the role of head winemaker from her father in 2019 and has been continuing his legacy of excellence while also pursuing new and innovative projects. We are proud to partner with her to bring these great wines to California for the first time. They provide not only great value but also pure and fun versions of your standard Grüner Veltliner and Riesling from an up and coming region. And liter bottles of Grüner that everyone can afford!

From the winemaker:
All our activities circle around a balanced and healthy soil, healthy vines, and healthy grapes. Pursuing our close-to-nature cultivation, Klaus and I officially brought our winery into the certification process of organic farming this year, certified by Austria Bio Garantie. It’s a rather long process – vintage 2025 will be officially certified organic.

For many years, we’ve been working with diverse cover crops to increase biodiversity, to protect the soil and work against erosion, provide nutrition, work against soil compaction and produce humus in the long term. As an addition we spread compost that for some part we produce ourselves.

We’ve also been working with pheromones instead of insecticides in the vineyards for years to fight the grape vine moth.

Consequent and accurate hand labor early in the year allows us to keep the yield low from the beginning. Later in the year we make use of green harvest and for some varieties we cut half of the bunches on the ground for the best quality.
Two years ago, Klaus and I started to use the pruning method of Simonit&Sirch to increase the overall balance of our vines and make them more resistant against viral diseases.

Harvest is done by hand to make sure we get the best quality in the cellar.