Introducing the Wines of Fabio Motta

By Justin Gallen  |  February 18,2021   |  0

Looking west from the Motta vineyards to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Fabio Motta fell in love. First with the woman who would become his wife and then with the Tyrrhenian Sea. Being married to Benedetta Satta, whose father, Michele Satta, an iconoclast winemaker who brought fame to Bolgheri in the early 1980s, has no doubt informed his winemaking. But Fabio, and a group of second-generation vinaioli, has his own story to tell.

The Tyrrhenian Sea, according to Motta, is the defining feature of his winemaking from its effects on terroir in terms of soil (clay, sand, silt, the occasional bit of iron), wind, light, cool summers, and significant diurnal swings to the image on his label. When asked to describe his style of winemaking, he says, “in a word, respectful” of grape, time, and place. His vineyards are certified organic. In the cellar, he uses a percentage of whole clusters throughout his winemaking and avoids overripening and too long macerations, with natural ferments and restrained amounts of new wood. But, he says, there are no fixed rules. He talks about aromatics, elegance, and beauty in traditionally sizable, tannic wines that are “soft even when young.”

Motta takes a gentle, mindful approach and coaxes the unexpected from these varietals, far beyond the international style the region became known for. There’s transparency here, refinement, and rusticity. He is committed to the possibilities of this young DOC and a winemaker to watch.

Beaune Imports, through our partnership with Rinascimento Wine Company, is delighted to support him.

2018 Bolgheri Rosso Pievi

Merlot 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%, Sangiovese 25%

Named for the three churches on the road to the vineyard, this wine is making a name for Fabio Motta. Each grape is harvested at optimal ripeness and then blended later in the fall, resting in older oak barrels for two years and then in bottle for an additional year before release. La macchia, the garrigue of the Maremma, is on display. 1000 cases made

2017 Lo Scudiere, Toscana IGT, Sangiovese

In homage to his mentor, Motta calls this wine “the squire” in service to Satta’s Cavaliere, “the knight,” another 100% Sangiovese wine. Firmly rooted in the Tuscan tradition, this wine will evolve with every vintage as Fabio grows in his winemaking. No new oak, fresh, and vibrant. 110 cases made

2017 Bolgheri Superiore, Le Gonnare

Merlot 85%, Syrah 15%

Centuries ago, a stream ran through this vineyard, bringing the washerwomen, le gonnare, from nearby Castegneto Carducci. Aged in one third new oak barrels, this wine showcases the best of what merlot has to offer.  275 cases made

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