Morgen Long Wine, Memorie II Chardonnay





United StatesOregon


Willamette Valley


Memorie II




Natural farming


Barrel Aged, Barrel Fermented, Indigenous yeast fermented, Malolactic, Solera aged, Unfined & Unfiltered

Soil Type

Alluvium Soil, Clay, Granite/Clay, Volcanic


Sold Out

A multi-vintage blend of 2014-2019 Chardonnay
Tasting Notes: Aromas of oyster shells, wet rocks, white flowers, sweet herbs, straw, ginger, and white nectarine. Polished, tight and dense, the compression of time unwinds, revealing fresh flavors with dimension and depth.
This fascinating wine reveals Seth’s passion for Champagne and the age-old technique of using “reserve” wines to blend with younger vintages, thus presenting a house style, which is one of the core components of terroir. This wine will NEVER be produced as a sparkling wine, however. Aged in a non-oxidative solera format, the goal here is to present the soul of the winery and winemaker by reducing the influence of vintage and vineyard site.
Tasting Notes: Aromas of chalk, oyster shells, lemongrass, saffron, lemongrass and white grapefruit. Polished
minerals and preserved white citrus flavors shimmer with energy above six vintages of depth, seamlessly woven
together, smooth, sleek and dense.
Vintage Notes: thirty-four lots of wines blended from seven vineyards over six successive vintages:
21% ? 2019
22% ? 2018
23% ? 2017
10% ? 2016
23% ? 2015
~1% ?2014
Vinification Notes: Memorie is the gradual process of fractional blending of every single lot of Chardonnay I produce
into one wine, exploring an interplay of fresh blasts of youthful vinous energy into a dense, grand and savory
complexity that comes from multiple vintages aging slowly into one another on lees for years. The base of the solera
has been in steel on lees for 12-60 months and is refreshed each year by a small portion of every lot of the next vintage
to be bottled. A portion of the refreshed base is then blended with a portion of the better barrels of new oak and is
bottled without fining or filtration. Memorie II has 40% new oak and was bottled without filtration in March, 2021.