Roagna, Barolo Chinato











Non-certified organic

Here in the Langa region Chianato is attributed to Dr. Cappellano, a pharmacist from Serralunga d’Alba who during the late nineteenth century created this elixir for healing purposes.
Over the years each family of Langa region have developed their own recipes based on the taste preferences as well as the particular herbs found in each vineyard. Our Barolo Chinato comes from a very old family recipe using old vine Nebbiolo from the Pira vineyard which typically would be used for Vecchie Viti or our Riserva wine.
The Chinato is aged and has many secondary perfumes. Then we infuse Grappa di Barolo and flowers.
The estate’s NV Barolo Chinato is a winner. Roagna told me he spent several years researching the right combination of aromatic herbs, and that work has paid off handsomely as this is a gorgeous, serious Chinato. The base wine is a 10-year old Barolo Riserva, which gives the Chinato an unsually soft-textured, generous personality. All of the typical notes of sweet herbs, cinnamon, cardamom, flowers, anise and baking spices are layered into a sweet, expansive expression of fruit. This is a Chinato that is much more wine-like than digestif-like. It is a great effort.
– Wine Advocate