Tamerán, 2021 Vijariego Blanco





SpainIslas Canarias


Gran Canaria


Vijariego Blanco


Natural farming


Estate grown grapes, Hand harvested, Indigenous yeast fermented, Large format barrel aged, Low Sulfur Vinification & Aging, Malolactic, Non-certified organically grown grapes, Ungrafted vines

Soil Type

Clay, Volcanic

Floral, vibrant and very fresh aromatics. Mineral notes, citrus, white stone fruit and fresh herbs fill out the aromatic palate. Full-bodied, juicy wine with gorgeous acid, good salinity and very persistent on the finish.
The Wine Advocate: 93pts
Vijariego Blanco, also known as Diego, is thought to have been introduced in the Canaries from Andalucía and is not a mutation of Vijariego. There are multiple spellings, most notably Vijariego and Vijiriego, even Bujariego in La Palma, but this name is not allowed anymore. It’s a grape with high acidity and lowish alcohol, so it’s often used for sparkling wines. The 2020 Vijariego Blanco is only 11.2% alcohol with a low pH of 3.14 and notable acidity, 7.5 grams (measured in tartaric acid per liter), so it’s a light and sharp wine true to the variety. It fermented with indigenous yeasts in 500-liter oak barrels, where it matured with lees for 10 months. It’s floral and vibrant, the latest-ripening grape here, with more freshness. It’s a wine that should develop nicely in bottle. This is a little shy compared with its siblings, but it’s a wine that will gain with time in bottle. 1,320 bottles were filled in June 2021.