François Chidaine, 2022 Baudoin (dry)




FranceLoire Valley


Baudoin (dry)




Biodynamic, No/Low till, regenerative viticulture


Barrel Aged, Barrel Fermented, Indigenous yeast fermented

Soil Type

Chalky Limestone, Clay



The walled Clos Baudoin vineyard above the cellars is considered one of the two great terroirs of Vouvray, and Chidaine’s purchase of the estate in 2007, after renting the vines for several years, made it possible for his team to begin the replanting of the vineyard after decades of neglect by the former owners. This process is about 50% complete and the results are beginning to show in the wine. Always vinified dry, this wine has a floral nose with hints of truffle, citrus and some forest aromas. Wonderfully refreshing on the palate due to its being packed full of citrus fruit rounded out with quince.
Apparently there was a little known rule in Vouvray that requires wines from the appellation to be aged entirely in the village. Currently Chidaine along with another well known Montlouis producer are in legal proceedings to have the appellation status reinstated for their Vouvray wines. 2014 is bottled without the appellation, but is very much the same wine that we have come to know and love from this fine estate.