Vincent Cuillier, [2019] Chemin des Rois, Brut Nature




FranceChampagneMontagne de Reims


Champagne, Brut Nature


Chemin des Rois


Pinot Noir, Chardonnay


Low/No Sulfur Vinification, No/Low till, regenerative viticulture


Aged in bottle before release, Barrel Aged, Barrel Fermented, Estate grown grapes, Hand harvested, Indigenous yeast fermented, Non-certified organically grown grapes, Unfined & Unfiltered, Zero Additives including Sulfur, Zero Dosage

Soil Type

Chalky Limestone, Clay, Sandy loam

From the sandy parcel of Le Mont Agé in Chenay comes this 70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay blend that is farmed with great attention to the vineyard ecosystem and produced in the most natural way possible. Made with no additives, this compelling Champagne is unadulterated pure juice with undeniable character.
Gorgeously plump and chalk full of crisp acidity and mineral, this is stripped back to its bare essentials, which in this case are delicious and beguiling to no end. Lively with very fine lines of true pedigree.
Fermented with indigenous yeast in barrel and sees absolutely no additives. A full year of aging takes places in barrel, followed by 24-42 months sur lattes, without fining and filtration, nor any added sulfur or sugar/dosage.