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Sustainable farming

Legend has it that in this area of Chianti Classico, Le Fioraie, a wandering friar came upon this estate during the summer and fainted from the extreme heat. Three sisters, local flower vendors (fioraie) revived him with a glass of local wine. He thanked the sisters and proceeded on his pilgrimage, never forgetting the kindness of those three girls. He returned a few months later and began work on building a church and planting a few vines. This became the heart of what later became the Piemaggio estate.

This 12 hectare estate is fully surrounded by the dense forest, which protects the vineyards from frost, drought and pests. Located at an altitude of 380-480 meters, the vineyards are composed of galestro and albarese soils which form the base of all great Sangiovese vineyards in Chianti. At Piemaggio, the Sangiovese grape variety reigns supreme, covering about 10 hectares in total. The clones used in the vines have been carefully selected: at the moment, six have been identified. Colorino, Canaiolo e Ciliegiolo are the other vine varieties typical of the Chianti Classico territory that grow on the estate besides Sangiovese.

The cellar at Piemaggio is situated roughly one kilometre from the farmhouse and the vineyards, as the crow flies. It was modernised in 2014, with the purchase of new 100HL steel vats for controlled temperature fermentation. The ageing phase takes place in 110HL fiberglass & concrete vats. During this important part of the process, the vats help preserve the integrity and freshness of the Sangiovese grown at Piemaggio.