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Davide Carlone




Non-Certified Organically Grown Grapes

For centuries, Boca has been held in immeasurable repute for its reds, even renowned among the Spanish military who once occupied the Milan district. The wine’s reputation still stands today, thanks to the special nature of the soils, the hillside sites on which the vines are grown, and the area’s unique microclimate, which all help produce quality grapes. The leading variety is the king of Piemontese red grapes, Nebbiolo, locally named Spanna, complemented by the indigenous varieties Bonarda di Novarese, or Croatina, and Vespolina, both known for their spicy character. Most of the vineyards are situated north-east of the town of Novara and east of the Seisa River.

A tireless worker, Davide Carlone took over the family vineyards in 1989 after working with his grandfather during the 1980s. This is a labor of love for him as difficult times have made it necessary to keep his weekday job in the family machine shop. Winegrowing is truly his passion and many of his vines are more than 80 years old. Non-interventionalist farming and an equally hands-off approach in the cellar are two of the choices that inform these fine, hand crafted wines.