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Cameron Winery, 2017 Clos Electrique Blanc





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Clos Electrique Blanc



Our Chardonnays are truly made in the tradition of the great white wines of Burgundy. Both Abbey Ridge and Clos Electrique vineyards are planted to very rare clones of Chardonnay not typically planted in either Oregon or California. The wines are fermented with indigenous wild yeasts from the respective vineyards and finished with a French yeast to assure dryness. Both wines are fermented in older, nearly neutral French oak barrels and then left with the original yeast sediment for nearly 2 years in our cave which averages 57°F (14°C). They are bottled without filtration and generally have an aging potential of well over 10 years.

The nose of our 2015 Clos Electrique Blanc is perfumed with baked apple, lemon curd, honeydew melon, marzipan and bergamot. An unctuous mid-palate of lemon curd and tart tatine is accompanied by bright acidity and a long, lingering finish. Pour yourself a glass and embrace your fantasy of skipping through a vineyard in Meursault.