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Bodega Javier Sanz


SpainCastilla y Leon


Sustainable farming

Javier Sanz’ great grandfather, Agustin Nanclares, was the founder of this fine bodega and it was he that began making wines from his own vineyards. With 104 hectares located in La Seca, in the heart of the Rueda Denominacion, Javier Sanz continues to produce wine from only the grapes that he grows, something that is very unusual for the area. The perfect soil composition of sand, round river stones and well-drained clay along with a unique micro-climate make La Seca the ideal place for growing the Verdejo grape in the Rueda Denominacion. The proximity of the winery to his own vineyards makes for efficient and rapid transport of the grapes to the press. This is essential to preserve the aromatics of this fine varietal. Farming is done without chemical herbicides or insecticides, and the harvest is done entirely by hand.